DAY 1 Galapagos´ flight

Arrival in Baltra and Transfer to Isabela island

Arrival in Baltra and Transfer to Isabela island

Flight to the Galapagos islands we are going to go to the airport and there will be one of our personnel to assist the group during the three stages of the process. (Yes, there are some special things that we must do going to Galapagos).

After a 100 minutes flight, we are now officially on Galapagos soil, alas, there´s not much to see on this the airport island known as BALTRA .

This island was used by the U.S.AIR FORCE during WWII and they built the original landing strip.

We are going to take a bus and the short ride (10 minutes) will take us through the remnants of the before mentioned military base, there are several GALAPAGOS LAND IGUANAS and yes when we were walking from the airport to the bus, we might have come near some GALAPAGOS DARWIN FINCHES.

The ride ends at the edge of a precipice with your first breathtaking view of the Galapagos islands turquoise waters.

We are going to take a boat across these shallow waters canal that separates the islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz.

Once in the northern most end of Santa Cruz we will take a private vehicle that will drive us to our adventures.

According to our flights itinerary we will have a short adventure in Santa Cruz at the GIANT TORTOISES RANCH AND VISIT THE LAVA TUBES then we{ll have to hurry to the south part of santa Cruz Island then at 3:00 p.m. we Transfer to ISABELA ISLAND (a two hours fast-boat trip)

We will arrive in time to check-in in our hotel and then stroll around town to enjoy a peaceful afternoon by the shore until sunset

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